Real-Time Character Generator

VisualCG is an all-in-one creation and playout real-time character generator. It can be utilized not only in a simple character generator, but also highly advanced real-time graphic and animation creation without rendering time. VisualCG helps users create stunning graphics in a fast and easy way. Moreover, it provides a stable and high-performance graphic playout. Experience high productivity and time-saving production environment with VisualCG.


Intuitive User Interface

The interface of VisualCG is developed in a user-friendly and intuitive style. Even first time users are able to operate and create 2D graphics. VisualCG provides users a wide range of editing tools to help users easily create excellent graphic.

Various Objects and 2D Styles

Graphic editor for text, rectangle, circle, polygon, pie, and path drawing tools are built in VisualCG. Users can apply up to 16 different styles to each object, such as gradation, texture fill, edge, emboss, glow, extrude, and shadow. Also, re-using the created styles and objects in the library is available as well.

External Data Link

VisualCG utilizes external data source via ODBC, TXT, RTF to update required data field of designed CG templates in real-time. It also updates text, color, font and size in the scenes from the linked RTF file and the data can be updated with transition effects or scrolled on the screen. It makes possible to visualize the contents with data updated simply without developing specific application.

Key-Frame Animation

VisualCG provides a high level customizable key-frame based animation to deliver a powerful motion graphics. Including position, rotation, and scaling, most of object attributes can be key-framed and controlled on the track-based timeline. Also a spline editor that offer full control over every aspect of animation.

Multi-Layer Playout

Playing out up to 4 layers allows user to playout scenes simultaneously logo, time, and scroll etc. VisualCG playout is compatible with Matrox®, AJA®, Blackmagic-Design®, BlueFish444® I/O boards and also NewTek™ TriCaster® with fill and key.

Automation SDK

VisualCG can be controlled by programming interface via TCP/IP network. This SDK includes rich API, sample codes, and documentations that 3rd party developers make for their own purposes in C#®, C++® and VB® programming languages.

Demo Reel