KarismaCG Add-on Live Weather Graphics Solution

V-Weather is an add-on live weather graphic solution for live weather broadcast and controls KarismaCG via network. It can retrieve weather data automatically from external data sources (Microsoft Excel, or text file) and allow the operator to make changes to data. Operator can apply those data to the designed templates in KarismaCG. The user interface of V-Weather is intuitive that operators can playout the complex weather graphics with simple operation.


  • Remote control KarismaCG via TCP/IP network
  • Regional/nation-wide weather
  • 5 & 7 day weather
  • Marine weather
  • Satellite images
  • Variety of weather icons
  • Retrieves weather data from Microsoft® Excel®, TXT, XML file
  • Independent multi-layer play control
  • Sequenced image and video clip playback
  • Real-time 2D/3D transition effect
  • Full Unicode™ TrueType™ font support

User-friendly HD/SD Weather Solution

Based upon the customer needs, V-Weather is developed to be a user-friendly weather graphics solution that collects weather data to playback in an instant using the ready-to-use graphics templates.

Variety of Weather Templates

V-Weather provides variety of weather templates such as nation-wide, regional, 5 & 7-day and marine weather templates that are used in broadcast industry today.

Convenient Weather Forecast

V-Weather templates enable broadcasters to conduct quick and easy weather forecast. Since V-Weather interlocks with KarismaCG, the templates are easy to modify using the graphics tools included in KarismaCG.

Database Transfer Protocol

V-Weather retrieves data from Microsoft® Excel®. Microsoft® Excel® makes it easy to create simple database and V-Weather retrieves updated database without an application reboot.

Independent Play Control

V-Weather has an independent play functions such as sequential list, preview and program window. It can import layout pages created in KarismaCG and put them on the sequential list to play instantly. As the pages are playing, thumbnail view of the current page and the next page are displayed to ensure the flawless broadcast.