Real-Time Soccer Graphics Solution for Broadcasting

V-Soccer is a live soccer broadcast application that simply corresponds to the various situations during soccer match. V-Soccer automatically retrieves the data or manually put the information of game progress and player profile from TXT file or web, and the operator can apply those data to the templates designed in KarismaCG. V-Soccer’s easy user interface is suitable to various situations during soccer match such as change in ball possession percentage and giving yellow card, so sole operator is enough to manage graphic playout during whole soccer game.


  • Remote control via TCP/IP
  • Player Roster (imported through .TXT file)
  • Player Records (imported through .TXT file)
  • Player on/off
  • Yellow/Red cards
  • Ball Possession calculation in percentage
  • Timer (90 minutes display)
  • Penalty Kick Score record/display
  • Independent Play Control
  • HD/SD switchable in KarismaCG

Ideal HD/SD Soccer Solution

V-Soccer is an application designed for HD/SD soccer broadcast. It is developed to maximize the convenience of the user. Based on the use of data exchange and layout pages created in KarismaCG, V-Soccer will enhance the quality and the process of your current sports broadcast environment.

A High End Look Layout Design

Since V-Soccer controls KarismaCG through TAP (TCP/IP based automation protocol), graphic templates are created using the powerful graphics features of KarismaCG such as real-time 2D/3D key-frame animation, 3D transition effects, multilayer display and variety of file import. With the KarismaCG graphics tools, you can always produce a high end look layout pages increasing the quality of your broadcast.