Add-on Applications

Most of broadcasting environments require not only every-day-based product, but also event based solutions such as News, Weather, Election, Sports, Home-shopping, etc. Various template based solutions are provided as KarismaCG add-ons to give more variety. With KarismaCG’s great performance and graphics with easy-to-use user interface, it attracts the users who are looking for a specific solution according to their needs.

V-Series - Quick & Easy Control!

Features image of V-HomeShopping
V-HomeShopping is a TV shopping application for KarismaCG to present TV shopping products in effective ways with a good handling the live TV shopping situation. It controls up to 16 different multi-layers of graphic contents that can be controlled independently in either manual or automatic.
Features image of V-Soccer title=
V-Soccer is a live soccer broadcast application that simply corresponds to the various situations during soccer match. V-Soccer automatically retrieves the data or manually put the information of game progress and player profile from TXT file or web, and the operator can apply those data to the templates designed in KarismaCG.
Features image of V-Weather
V-Weather is an add-on live weather graphic solution for live weather broadcast and controls KarismaCG via network. It can retrieve weather data automatically from external data sources (Microsoft Excel, or text file) and/or allow the operator to make changes to data. Operator can apply those data to the designed templates in KarismaCG.
Features image of V-News
V-News is an add-on live news graphic solution, optimized to news graphics that is broadcast live every day. This solution can display up to three news headlines and other multiple contents that is individually controlled. It also intelligently gathers information from webpage, or RSS feed for a continuous retrieval of news headlines.

KarismaCG SDK

Features image of K3DAsyncEngine
K3DAsyncEngine is a simple interface for TCP/IP automation Protocol which can be used to develop customized applications that controls KarismaCG via TCP/IP to playout.
Features image of K3DEngine
K3DEngine is a development tool for creating standalone customized broadcast graphic applications for events such as News, Live sports, Election, Stock tickers, Weather forecast and more.


Features image of KarismaCG
RM-700 is a playout remote controller for KarismaCG.