On-Air Graphics Playout Engine

K3DEngine is a development tool for creating stand-alone customized broadcast graphic applications for events such as news, live sports, election, stock tickers, weather forecast and more. K3D Engine will enable you to build your own and unique video and graphics display in order to fit your needs. K3DEngine can be used to create real-time data driven multi-layers of 2D/3D texts, graphics, key-frame animations and 2D/3D transition effects using COM programming interface.


  • Advanced real-time 3D Graphics Engine and API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Supports COM interface
  • Multi Layer display of still, crawl, roll and animation
  • Advanced real-time key-frame animation
  • Over 200 real-time transition effects
  • TGA sequence clip playback
  • HD/SD AVI clip playback (on Matrox boards that support appropriate codecs.)
  • Template based workflow when graphic template is created from KarismaCG