Broadcasting Graphics Application Development Toolkit

KarismaCG SDK is a development toolkit for creating customized broadcast graphics applications for events such as news, live sport, election graphics, and so on. This SDK enables users to build their own and unique graphics display for their needs. KarismaCG graphics engine can be used to control playout as well as creating real-time data driven multi-layers of 2D/3D text, graphics objects, key-frame animations, and 2D/3D transition effects with COM programming interface. With KarismaCG, users can create graphics layouts and tag data fields for later data updates by application.


  • Two types of SDK remote control KarismaCG API and stand-alone 3D engine module
  • COM based programming interface
  • Supports C#, VB, C++ programming language
  • Practical example code and materials
  • KarismaCG designed CG template based workflow
  • Fully control KarismaCG features
  • Change 2D/3D text’s content font and style
  • Modify shape and geometry attributes
  • Control key-frame animation and effect
  • Update on-air object in real-time