01 Developing Broadcast Graphics System

We make the power of moving the world with our best technology

Prior to the introduction of the Broadcast Graphics System, it was only possible to produce 2D images and captions in real-time. The Broadcast Graphics System is capable of generating 3D graphics such as video and animation in any HD / SD broadcast environment in real-time without rendering.

The Broadcast Graphics System features a clear user interface that increases the impact of broadcasting with its excellent performance and high reliability by catching consumers' attention.

Visual Research Inc. focuses on All-In-One program, accommodates various needs of customers, and provides best value to customers by developing new technologies and products.

Features and strengths of Visual Research Inc.'s broadcast graphics system

  • Development of high quality real-time graphics processing and 3D engine
  • Excellence of rasterizer that controls the quality of captions and images
  • Excellent performance in Full HD environment compared to other systems
  • Support excellent broadcast video boards such as Matrox, AJA, Blackmagic Design(multi-platform)
  • Can be applied to a variety of broadcast environments including live news, sports, weather, election, home shopping, and entertainment, etc.
  • Optimized user interface to increase user's working efficiency
  • Equipped with the latest hardware/software broadcasting technology

02 Developing Broadcast Solutions

Our great challenge for the rich images does not stop

The Broadcast Solution is designed to transmit the database for broadcasting news, weather, election, including the races in real-time through graphics system.

Enriched images that are made of effective support of graphical elements reflect the properties of the specific broadcasting perfectly and raise the quality of broadcasting by catching audience's attention.

Visual Research Inc. with professionalism of broadcast is making effort to develop multi-solution that can multi-process within one system.

Visual Research Inc. will try to give a wider choice to consumers through exploring new areas of broadcasting and analyzing the existing areas.

Features and strengths of Visual Research Inc.’s broadcast solutions

  • Maintains solutions that are applicable to all kinds of broadcasting sector
  • Optimized user interface for a live broadcasting environment
  • Transmission of dynamic and colorful real-time 2D/3D animation
  • Can be customized to fit user's broadcasting environment

03 Developing Broadcast Software

We increase the global competitiveness in the power of imagination that reads the future

Broadcast software that can make professional 2D or 3D graphics such as broadcast images or subtitles increases viewers' satisfaction and raises power of imagination.

Visual Research Inc. will create a new future for the broadcast software field through upgrading 3D graphics engine and developing new technology that raises user's eye level.

Features and strengths of Visual Research Inc.'s broadcast software

  • Maintains the best broadcast graphics processing technology (the best researchers in the industry)
  • High quality rasterizer recognized by institute of major broadcasters
  • Has effect library that supports customizing
  • Real-time 3D effect processing technology
  • Maintains the best performing TAP (TCP / IP based Automation Protocol) in the industry
  • Amazing performance recognized in production environments
  • All-In-One software that supports graphics and title creation, keyframe animation and real-time transmission in HD/SD environment
  • User-oriented user interface that ranked No.1 for customer's satisfaction in graphics software
  • All-In-One software that graphics creation, motion graphics effects and real-time transmission are done simultaneously