"Visual Research Inc. will make value for our customers and create a prosperous future of broadcasting"
We believe good products should start with technology and then move toward people. Visual Research to create new value. We are continuously practicing the innovation and the challenge for prosperous future of broadcasting.

Visual Research had introduced Korea’s first character generator with the company’s establishment in 1995. We have been thriving to become the global leader by creating various graphics solutions for broadcasting field such as stereoscopic 3D CG, 4K UHD CG, multi-format disk recorder, non-linear editor, sports coders and so on. With our endless R&D investment and innovation, we have distributed more than 5,000 copies of Visual Research’s CG with our distributors located over 16 countries worldwide.

Visual Research solutions are developed with deep understanding of the broadcasting environment and have been proven of the performance and stability by the broadcast specialists. We have adopted HP workstations for reliability for the first time in Korea and signed OEM partnerships with Matrox and AJA.

We are putting unconditional effort into improving the workflows for operators’ convenience and to bring the satisfaction to the customers with the high-quality software at the most affordable price.