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  1. What is NFR version VisualCG 3D?

    VisualCG 3D NFR (Not For Resale) is an evaluation version for testing and demonstration purposes. NFR version will work on all supported video boards and let you use all features of VisualCG 3D. NFR version is not for end-users.
  2. Cannot run VisualCG 3D after instllation.

    1. Check if “Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable” is properly installed.
    2. ​Check VGA card specifications.  
  3. Does VisualCG 3D support dual-channel?

    No, VisualCG 3D only supports single-channel. 

  4. Does VisualCG 3D support GPI trigger?

    Yes, you can use GPI trigger using RS-232. Wiring scheme is as follows.
  5. Can I set a password for Option window?

    You can set your password on the option window by checking on “Ask Password for Set Option” at Tools -> option -> View -> Password to prevent setting changes.
  6. an I install VisualCG 3D on my laptop?

    You may install VisualCG 3D Edit version on your laptop with at least more than 512MB of VGA memory.
  7. What do I have to do in order to see Next Preview on a separate monitor?

    You need to install separate video board to see the next preview on a separate monitor.
  8. Cannot play AVI clip.

    Appropriate codecs should be installed in your system for AVI clip playback.
    Matrox video boards (HD: XMIO2/12/8000, SD:DSXSD/12/300) are recommended for AVI clip use as they support commonly used codecs.
  9. VisualCG 3D has caused an error and shut down after changing screen resolution while playing.

    The VGA card performs playout related role. Changing screen resolution while playing may cause problem by initializing VGA card memory.
  10. PGM output is not clean. There is some noise in the display.

    Check the output by connecting to PGM monitor directly. If there is no problem with the signal, it may be the problem with external devices such as switcher (VMU).
  11. Cannot see PGM output on the monitor.

    1. Check if video board setting is set correctly at Tools > Option > Video > Program/Key window.
    2. Check if video board driver is installed correctly.
    3. Check if either ends of BNC cable are correctly connected.
  12. Cannot see KEY output on the monitor.

    Uncheck “Internal Mixing” checkbox at Tools > Option > Video > Program/Key > Internal Mixing window
  13. 3D object became black in VisualCG 3D.

    Check if three default lights are on.
  14. I’m getting Demo version message.

    1. Check if the dongle is correctly inserted.
    2. Check the USB port status.
  15. Could HD sized AVI clip be imported as an object?

    No, HD sized AVI clip can only be imported as background. But SD (NTSC or PAL) sized AVI clip can be imported as object.
  16. Cannot apply Edge on imported Photoshop file (*.psd).

    Remove alpha channel of the file in Photoshop.
  17. Cannot mix color or apply transparency.

    Check if “Mix Color” button is activated at Color Palette > Texture window. 

  18. Cannot see thumbnail view of images on image import window.

    Install “Thumbnail viewer” from VisualCG 3D installation disk.